The Sun—Just Prior to Micronova 


I'm not a modern day Noah; but Ben Davidson might be.   

Earth has cyclical disasters every 12,000 years or so.  The evidence is extensive and shows we're on the doorstop of the next great Earth disaster.  It's called a solar micronova.  Many people alive today—will experience this.  Humans have survived these in the past; and will do so again.  

Best guess for when this happens:  mid 2030's thru 2040's.  Here's a list of things likely to happen.

  • Earth's magnetosphere begins to weaken and the magnetic poles shift to new locations (already started).
  • Earth's weakening magnetoshpere means we'll likely lose our elecric grid and modern way of life several years prior to the micronova. 
  • The Sun turns black for about 2-3 days.
  • The Sun explodes sending gigantic amounts of energy and Sun surface debris throughout the solar system.
  • The energetic blast burns the side of Earth facing the Sun.
  • It also unlocks Earth's crust from the mantle and the crust rolls over 90 degrees.
  • Earth's rotation slows to a stop.
  • That's when we get continental flooding, worldwide earthquakes and volcanic activity.
  • About 15-18 hours after the initial blast, the Sun's debris hits Earth.

There's a massive amount of science to explore here.  Ben Davidson and the Suspicious Observers can make it understandable.  

World in Peril was written in 1992 by Ken White.  He father participated in Project Nanook in the early 1950's.  Chapters 27 - 30 have information relating to cyclical Earth catastrophies.  

Please excuse the poor quality of these scans.