World In Peril

Scientific Findings of the

46th 72nd Reconnaissance Squadron in 1946-47

About World In Peril

World In Peril was written in 1992 by Ken White.  He is the son of Colonel Maynard E. White USAF who was in the first operational unit of the Strategic Air Command.  Their first operational mission was Project Nanook.  Project Nanook was assessing the Soviet threat over the Arctic.  What they found was evidence of polar wander, rapid climate change, and earth reshaping cataclysm.  They found fossilized trees with no season rings in Norway.  They found tropical corals and coal seams within 200 miles of the geographic south pole.  They found evidence of multiple mass animal deaths/extinctions.

Chapters 27-30 have all the earth cataclyhsm info.    

Chapter 27 - Terrestrial Magnetism Studies


Chapter 28 - Clues to a Cataclysm


Chapter 29 - Polar Wander


Chapter 30 - The Flip of the Earth



My local library obtained this book from the U.S. Air Force Academy.  For a small fee, I was able to borrow the book for 2 weeks.  Here's a 'pay to read' link to the complete book. 

Online copy of The World in Peril by Ken White